On the 9th October 2014 Birmingham Newsroom published the following article (httpbirminghamnewsroom.com201410fast-food-boss-fined-for-using-unauthorised-logos ) We confirm this above article is correct. However this article has been manipulated & misconstrued to mislead members of the public by the heading LOVE DIXY ON ALUM ROCK ROAD - NOT HALAL.The key issue in this case was simply whether the business had been approved to use the HMC logo on a website. In court an explanation was put forward surrounding the circumstances in which this logo was used. It was further accepted by the Court and the Prosecuting authority that no such offending material was found in the premises and there was NEVER any question of the products sold not being halal. If the status of the products was in question namely Halal, this in itself would have been a serious offence and no doubt would have been prosecuted as a Fraud. The alleged offence was prosecuted under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.This offence could have been tried either in the Magistrates Court of the Crown Court. The Court and Prosecuting authority having accepted the explanation dealt with the matter at the Magistrates Court and imposed a fine of £665 for the offence (maximum fine £5,000.00). This again demonstrates and puts into context the nature of the offence. We would invite any party to confirm this by contacting either Birmingham Magistrates Court or Birmingham Trading Standards. Further, if any individual wishes to take the opportunity to examine the evidence presented at court, we have no objections to making this available for inspection. We accept and deeply regret this oversight due to the owner being abroad. However, this prosecution was not brought on the basis our products were not halal, in fact this was never disputed in court.Further, customers can contact or visit our suppliers to confirm the HALAL status of our meat products. HORIZON FOODSUNIT 1-3 Star Industrial Park, Bodmin road,Coventry, CV2 5DB. Tel 02476610616(Supplier since 2012). HALAL POULTRY & MEAT PRODUCTS LTD187 Wattville Road, Smethwick,Birmingham, B66 2NU. Tel 01215585397(Supplier since 2005) The above suppliers supply not only a large number of local businesses but also in the region as a whole, for example Dixy and other fried chicken shops. The fact that a product is not approved by HMC does not mean it is not Halal. This understanding is simply wrong and demonstrates a complete lack of understanding. This said we can confirm ALL OUR PRODUCTS WERE ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE 100% HALAL.
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